This is an ancestral journey through Borikén (also known as Puerto Rico) via bicycle, paying tribute to those who came before, the dynamics of our 21st century identities, and the future generations to come.

The Borikén Bicycle Tour is organized by a small collective of Boricuas, born and raised state-side. As professional artists, creatives, organizers, and dreamers, we envision worlds in which the nexus of creative expression and revolutionary action is not only commonplace, it’s necessary for the ongoing survival of our communities. We are descendants of the Taíno, the indigenous group of the Arawak people of the Caribbean, and survive as living evidence of the existence of our people thousands of years past initial colonial contact.

In the spring of 2023, we plan to embark on a bicycle tour of the island of Puerto Rico as traveling artists, creating from the inevitable inspiration from our ancestral ecology and genetic ties to Taíno lands and waters. We will dive into the vulnerability that exists in the edge where nature meets the path of the colonizer in the ‘Rich Port’ of the former Spanish empire—and now the so-called ‘Island of Enchantment’ under the current U.S. imperialist commonwealth system.



On this trip, we will attend an ancestral homecoming as outsiders to our native lands, accepting the foreign nature of arriving on an island of which we know so little. As bikepackers traveling through our ancestral homeland, we fully adopt the enigmatic middle-ground between ‘tourist’ and ‘native’, and embrace cycling as a mode of travel and expression that inspires curiosity, awareness, and spiritual practice. Moreover, we adopt cycling as a counter to new age tourism and fossil fuel extraction; we aim to push the boundaries of our movement by vehicle, and embrace the labor of bicycling as an intentional and political act of care for the island.



We're a collective of Boricuas re-connecting with ancestral homelands.

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